Easy Social - Share links for drupal 7

Hey all, I wanted to have some share buttons in my blog, with Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, but I didn't want to install 3 different modules under others thousands. Of course all of them has their advantages, but I needed something simpler and easier.

So I created the module Easy Social, and follows its description:

Easily add to your nodes, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share buttons.

Converting ISO-8859-1 files to UTF-8

Haven't you ever had any problem with special characters in an iso-8859-1 file?

You can solve this easily in an unix machine with the following command, converting the iso-8859-1 file to utf-8:

iconv --from-code=ISO-8859-1 --to-code=UTF-8 ./iso-file.html > ./utf-file.html


Integrating Content Profile with User Registration in Drupal 6

First of all, you need CCK module installed to install Content Profile, and after download and place in your modules directory, you need Content Profile and Content Profile User Registration.

By default after install content profile, it auto creates a content type named Profile.

Automatically open all PDF files in a new page

Below, a small jquery snippet that can auto set all pdf links of your page to open in a new page.

  $("a[href$=pdf]").attr('target', '_blank');

You can even easily extend that to apply doc, xls,ppt and other kind of files.